Underlayments in various thicknesses in a hotel

1. Offers provided very smooth surfaces for thin floor covering materials 2. Variety of different self levelling smoothing underlayment products helped contractor easily meet their requirements on the project 3. Good flowability of the offered products helped applicators with easy application

Barut Sensatori Hotel had very different levelling thickness requirements on the project due to combined use of different floor covering materials in the same rooms. Besides the lobby area expected to receive heavy foot traffic. Towards the end of the project contractor needed the caffe area to be finished faster than usual pace.

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weberfloor 4716 had been used on the substrate to achieve good adhesion. In some areas the absorbency of the substrate was more the use of concentrated weberfloor 4716 primer helped applicators to better prepare the surface. In room areas weberfloor LVL 05 provided a good solution. In the lobby area where heavy foot traffic was expected, weberfloor LVL 10 offered a very durable surface underneath the floor covering due to its high mechanical strengths. In the caffe area weberfloor 4032 was used to faster deploy the area for the following applications.
Type of floor:
Underlayments Type of building:
Hotel Total size of floor area:
35 000 m² Year of construction:
2015 Owner:
Barut Hotels Chain Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4716
- weberfloor LVL 05
- weberfloor LVL 10
- weberfloor 4032

Barut Sensatori Hotel