Renovation of industrial floor in a printing plant

1. A fast drying screed to limit operating losses that can withstand severe industrial constraints 2. The screed is pumpable, the solution doesn't introduce dust or other disturbance on site 3. The floor was flat allowing a resin to be applied on top of it in the future

The production area of this printing plant needed to have the floor renovated as it was damaged by previous operations. Working in an operational environment required some precautions: the industrial instruments and production machines were in place so no dust could be introduced in the plant. The customer needed a fast drying solution to limit the operating losses

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The existing floor was shot-blasted and primered with a sanded weberfloor 4712 epoxy primer to increase the adhesion to the substrate. The industrial screed weberfloor 4630 was pumped from outside the building in a thickness of 10 mm with over 150m hose length. The printing machines started working less than 24 hours after application of the floor screed. In the future a resin coating may be applied.

Type of floor:
Industrial floor Type of building:
Industrial Total size of floor area:
800 m² Year of construction:
2009 Owner:
Technigraphic Contractor/Applicator:
Solastra Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4712 (epoxy primer)
- weberfloor 4630

Printing plant of the Figaro (Renovation)