Renovation of floor area with fast drying underlayment screeds

1. Drying speed of the screeds 2. Pumpability and fast application of large area 3. Technical advice and job site support by Weber

Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) is a dynamically growing higher education institute. It comprises of six faculties offering students the possibility of studying humanities, natural sciences, technology and art. It is one of the most prominent centres of research in the Czech Republic with about 9,700 students. For the renovation of some areas in the building the existing substrate needed to be levelled and prepared for new floor covering. The existing substrate had various height levels and several damages. Fast application and drying time was a major demand from the customer. Old Substrates require special solutions: weberfloor sešívac and self-leveling compound weberfloor 4320.

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Old substrate required a special solution with variation in thickness from 4 to 20 mm to level the uneveness. There was high expectation on the quality of the solution and total time for installation. The quality and strength of the substrate was low and needed reparation of cracks with weberfloor sešívac (epoxy set for the repair of cracks in substrate). After repair the substrate was primed with weberfloor 4716 and then the levelling screed weberfloor 4320 was pumped on the area.

Type of floor:
underlayments Type of building:
Education Total size of floor area:
2 500 m² Year of construction:
2015 Owner:
Tomas Bata University Contractor/Applicator:
DURAMONT Napajedla Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4716 (primer)
- weberfloor 4160
- weberfloor 4320
- weberfloor sešívac

Tomas Bata University