Leveling and decorative flooring in offices

1. Durable and hard wearing with a wide range of different modern colors. Matt (not shining). Strengthened substrate with weber vetonit 120 Reno that worked as a perfect substrate for the 4650 layer 2. Excellent spreading and smoothing characteristics, smooth and even surface, but enables craftman's handmark when necessary 3. Reliable supplier, professional Weber certified contractor

JKMM Architects is a Helsinki based architecture office. Founded in 1998 and now employing 60 people. Over the years they have won 86 prizes including 40 first prizes, making them one of the most successful architecture offices in Finland, known for their brand and high quality. JKMM Architects offers complete service from architecture to interiors and furniture design. For their new office they required from the flooring a modern and fresh look with reasonable costs that fulfills the esthetical and mechanical demands. The surface of the decorative floor weber vetonit 4650 had to be matt, because the office works also as a reference for their designs. In the area there were different height levels, some of which required floor heating and the substrate needed leveling and strengthening with weber vetonit 120 Reno.

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Weber offered a wide variety of floor solutions to meet the project's mechanical and esthetical requirements with all the necessary accessories. The substrate was a concrete hollowcore slab which was primed with MD 16 and levelled with weber vetonit 110 Fine. A minimum of 5 mm layer of weber vetonit 4650 was applied on top and later the surface was protected with weberfloor TOP. Other floor accessories were used (4960, 4962 etc.) as part of the various floor solutions.

Type of floor:
Underlayments and decorative floor screed Type of building:
office Total size of floor area:
2000 m² Year of constructionn:
2015 Owner:
Private investor Architect:
Arkkitehtitoimisto JKMM (JKMM Architects) Contractor/Applicator:
Maxipinnoite Oy Weber product used:
- weber vetonit 110 Fine Plaano Plus
- weber vetonit 120 Reno Sanrau Plaano
- weberfloor 4945 Lasikuituverkko
- weberfloor 4940 Erotuskangas
- weberfloor 4960 Reunanauha
- weber vetonit 4650 Design Plaano G40
- weber vetonit MD 16 Dispersio
- weberfloor Top Primer
- weberfloor Top Matt
- weberfloor 4962 dB-reunakaista

Arkkitehtitoimisto JKMM (JKMM Architects)