Industrial floor renovation in production plant

1. Durable and wear-resistance floor covering for renovation works 2. Large variation of layer thickness to repair some uneveness by one layer 3. High speed of application works thanks to mechanical application

Prof-Press is one of the largest and famous publishing houses in Russia. During the restauration of the building in 2014, there was demand for a flooring solution which renovates the old concrete surface and creates a final wearing layer. The project was challenging because of limits to budget and limited time for the floor leveling during the renovation process.

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Weber was able to fulfill needs of the customers and offer flooring solution with an acceptable price. The substrate was an old hard concrete slab with some uneveness. The substrate was primed with vetonit MD 16 and locally filled with weberep 05 and weberep 45. The layer thickness of weber vetonit 4655 was from 6-10 mm.

Type of floor:
Industrial floors Type of building:
Industrial area, Warehouse Total size of floor area:
15 000 m² Year of construction:
2014-2015 Owner:
LLC "Prof-Press" Contractor/Applicator:
LLC "Stroitelnye technologiy" Weber product used:
- weber vetonit 4655
- weberep 05
- weberep 45
- weber vetonit MD 16

Publishing house "Prof-Press"