Industrial floor at gas station

1. High chemical and mechanical resistance 2. Easy to maintain solution (high pressure cleaner) 3. Fast drying to re-operate quickly

The existing floor at the gas station in Reims didn't match the requirements of the operational demands. It needed to be even with a high chemical and wearing resistance. The location of the gas station is also exposed to freeze and de-icing salts.  The customer needed a fast drying solution to limit the operating losses.

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The industrial screed weberfloor 4630 fulfilled the owners requirements: chemical resistance to hydrocarbon, de-icing salt, freezing cycles and abrasion resistance. The floor was opened to full traffic 7 days after application of the screed.

Type of floor:
Industrial floor Type of building:
Industrial (gas station) Total size of floor area:
500 m² Year of construction:
2015 Contractor/Applicator:
Repasol Solutions Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4716
- weberfloor 4630

Gas station Reims

REIMS (51000) / FRANCE