Industrial floor in books storage area of National Library

1. Non Flammable, Class A fireproof 2. Easy and fast application 3. Quality: Self-leveling with high eveness

On top of the substrate a double primer layer with weberfloor 4716 was applied. After that a 6 mm thick overlayment self-leveling screed weberfloor 4655 was pumped. As surface protection a coating with wax was applied.

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The National Library in China stores many books. For the storage room of high value books they needed to renovate the floors. The owners had high demands regarding fire resistance, low dust and fast application and high eveness.

Type of floor:
Industrial Type of building:
Public Total size of floor area:
40 000 m² Year of construction:
2013 Owner:
China National Library Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4655

National Library