Industrial and decorative floor in commercial building

1. Hard wearing and an aesthetic appearance 2. No joints necassary 3. Professional Weber certified contractor trained by Weber

Stockholms modecenter is located in an old factory and is a leading trading centre for fashion in the Nordic countries. It´s a fashion house and also a meeting point for fashioncompanies, agents, buyers, stylists and journalists. Customer wanted a rough and rustic feel that fitted with the industrial design of the building and a durable floor in a building with many visitors. Weber industrial and design floors are installed inside the premises. 

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In the different areas various industrial floor screeds were used to compensate for height differences and as base for the industrial overlayment screeds. As base screeds weberfloor 4600 or weberfloor 4602 was used. As top layer and final covering weberfloor 4610 and in some areas weberfloor 4635 was applied. As surface treatment a matt wax coating was used to get the industrial 'concrete look'.

Type of floor:
Industrial and decorative floor Type of building:
Commercial (Shoppingmall, fashioncentre Total size of floor area:
20 000 m² Year of construction:
2006-2007 Architect:
Strategisk Arkitektur Contractor/Applicator:
PEAB Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4635 Grinded Stone
- weberfloor 4600 Industry Base
- weberfloor 4360 base flow rapid
- weberfloor 4716 primer
- weberfloor 4960 kantlist
- weberfloor 4610 Industry Top

Stockholms modecenter