Decorative flooring in prestigious offices

1. Wide range of trendy colored design floors 2. High abrasioin resistance and long durability 3. Unique esthetical style

Nowy Swiat 2.0 is a banking and finance center with an interior of fine design in the hearth of the capital city. It is a prestigious and energyefficient complex designed for A-class offices and services with a particular focus on modernity, high quality, and surprising design. This ambition perfectly matches with the weber brand. Building’s design reflects newest trends with latest solutions and technologies according to LEEDS – a certification of balanced and ecological construction. In order to match with the modern design of the building the decorative colored designfloor weberfloor 4650 was chosen.

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The substrate was primed with floor 4716. As reinforcement of the screed a fiberglass mesh weberfloor 4945 and along the sides a self-adhesive softstrip weerfloor 4960 was used. A base leveling layer was made using weberfloor 4310 which contains fibres. Finally the decorative effect was created by selfleveling weberfloor 4650 design color treated afterwards with a wax surface protection.

Type of floor:
Underlayment, decorative Type of building:
Commercial, offices Total size of floor area:
490 m² Year of construction:
2016 Owner:
Architectual Studio AMC - Andrzej M. Chołdzynski sp. z o.o. Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4650 design color
- weberfloor 4716 primer
- weberfloor 4310
- weberfloor 4945
- weberfloor 4960
- weberfloor 4965

Nowy Swiat 2.0