Decorative floor in restaurant and offices

1. Esthetics: the architect wanted to have an industrial look. The weberfloor design fitted in the concept 2. Speed of application: the timeschedule was 1 week from crack-repair to final surface treatment 3. Thin layer: Limited space for floor covering due to excisting doors. Weberfloor design needs only 5 mm

The substrate was a mixture of concrete and old and new traditional screeds with a lot of cracks and with some level differences. All cracks in the substrate were repaired with epoxy filling and afterwards the whole area was primed 2 times. It was possible to solve the level differences with only 1 layer of weberfloor design with an average thickness of 5 mm. Surface treatment was done with weberfloor protect.

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The building is situated in the Industrial area Pegasus in Diegem. In that area there was a lack of restaurants. The investor decided that with the renovation of the offices to integrate in the same building a restaurant which would serve as well the whole industrial area. There was only limited time for the floor renovation: from the start with cleaning untill the finish only 5 days. The renovation environment which was dusty and the rather cold climate conditions were challenges to be solved by the application team.

Type of floor:
Decorative floor Type of building:
Restaurant and offices (renovation) Total size of floor area:
900 m² Year of construction:
March 2016 Contractor/Applicator:
Phenix Total Interior Schoten Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4716
- weberfloor Design
- weberfloor Protect

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