Decorative floor in a public cultural center

1. Aesthetics : colour and mineral aspect that perfectly fitted to the project 2. Suitable with waterborne heated floor 3. Highly efficient pumpable floor with fast applying and covering by a surface treatment

The Lons-Le-Saulnier cultural center is a modern educational center. The specifier needed a decorative floor with a minimum of joints. The floor had to fit the buildings architecture with a pure and minimalist design. An off-white color was selected to highlight the natural daylight, the open structure of the building with special day-light openings and to be associated with vibrant furnitures and wooden elements. The white continuous floor emphasizes the volumes in a peaceful working space.

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The substrate was a concrete floor with waterborne heating pipes. As a primer a 2 component epoxy primer weberfloor 4712 with sanding was used. After drying the decorative light-colored weberfloor 4650 was applied in a 10 mm thick layer. Afterwards a wax surface treatment was applied.

Type of floor:
Decorative Type of building:
Education, public Total size of floor area:
700 m² Year of construction:
2012 Owner:
The city of Lons-Le-Saulnier Architect:
DU BESSET-LYON Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4712 (epoxy primer)
- weberfloor 4650 design color

Lons-Le-Saulnier cultural center LONS-LE-SAULNIER (39000) / FRANCE