Decorative floor in multifunctional health care center

1. To creacte an unique and durable floor with high wear resistance 2. Due to the seamless design of these floors, the cleaning and maintenence are very simple and easy 3. Because this material can be pumped, the application/installation time of these coloured self-levelling materials it's very fast.

Symphony Galgenwaard is a multifunctional healthcare center. The customer wanted a floor that fits and highlights the design and materials used for the interior. A floor with a 'concrete look' character and robust appearance. The durablitly and long term wear resistance were main expectations.

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The substrate is prepared carefully (grinding/shot-blasting) and primed with weberfloor 4716. Then the weberfloor 4650 in a light-grey color is applied mechanically in 6-10 mm layer thickness. This design floor treated with a wax surface treatment. In this way the new floor covering is protected against the penetration of dirt and stain formation.

Type of floor:
Decorative Type of building:
Commercial shops Total size of floor area:
1850 m² Year of construction:
2011 Owner:
HGU Symphony Contractor/Applicator:
Indurfloor BV. Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4716
- weberfloor 4650 Design color

Symphony Galgenwaard