Decorative floor in multifunctional building

1. Durable and hard wearing with a wide range of different modern colors 2. Excellent spreading and smoothing characteristics, somooth and even surfac, but allows craftsman handmark when necessary 3. Reliable supplier, professional Weber certified contractor

The Monitoimitalo Jalo offers several kinds of services for the whole Lahti region - from kindergarten to libraries, schools and gyms. Due to the multifunctional purpose, there was a clear demand for several colors in different rooms. The project was challenging and tight. Due to high traffic volume, there was a high demand for wear resistance, not forgetting esthetics.

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Weber was able to fulfill the needs of the customers and offer a comprehensive flooring package. The substrate was primed with MD 16 and filled with weber.vetonit 110 fine. A minimum of 5 mm layer of weber.vetonit 4650 was applied.

Type of floor:
Decorative floor Type of building:
Multifunctionnal (library, school, kindergarden) building Year of construction:
2015 Total size of floor area:
800m² Owner:
City of Lahti Architect:
Arkkitehtitoimsto Hannu Jaakkola Oy Contractor/Applicator:
Lahden Lattia-ja seinäpäällyste Oy Weber product used:
- weber vetonit 4650 Design Plaano
- weber vetonit MD 16 Dispersio
- weberfloor Top Primer
- weberfloor Top Matt

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