Comfort floor heating and acoustic insulation in hotel

1. Combined water borne under floor heating and sound insulation 2. Rapid reacting heating system 3. System solution from one supplier and professional Weber certified contractor trained within Weber

Copperhill Mountain Lodge is a hotel and conference centre with restaurant, bar, gym and an awarded SPA in Åre, a ski-resort in northern Sweden. Due to delays in the construction work when the hotel was built in 2008 the customer required a quick floor installation but also underfloor heating. The proposed solution made this possible.

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The floor solution was made of the weber comfort floor, special EPS boards with integrated aluminum plates for high conductivity and better comfort. These comfortfloor plates provide acoustic floor insulation and a fast reactive floor heating in one. The comfort plates were covered with a self-leveling floor screed weberfloor 4310 fibre flow. After hardening and drying the floor screed was covered with tiles and parquet flooring.

Type of floor:
Floor heating and accoustic system, underlayment Type of building:
Hotel, restaurant and conference center Total size of floor area:
1 800 m² (Restaurant and conference) Owner:
Runned by Nordic Choice hotel Architect:
Peter Bohlin Contractor/Applicator:
Mandaria Weber product used:
- weberfloor 4960 kantlist
- weberfloor 4900 spårskiva
- weberfloor 4901 vändskiva
- weberfloor 4902 fyllnadsskiva
- weberfloor 4940 geotextil
- weberfloor 4945 glasfibernät
- weberfloor 4716 primer
- weberfloor 4310 fibre flow

Copperhill Mountain Lodge