Acoustic and floor heating system in apartment building

1. Fast reactive heating floor system with integrated sound insulation 2. Fast setting, self-leveling and fast drying self-leveling floor screeds ultra smooth underlayment for all types of floor covering 3. Reliable supplier, professional Weber certified contractor

Merenkulkijaranta is a modern and prestigious residential building complex with a footage literally on the sea. The external walls are made of thick sandwich layers to enable a longlasting facade with a high sound insulation property. To enable the architect "free hands" in the interior design, radiators were not to be considered as a solution for heating. For this reason a high demand for a robust and comfortable floor solution was needed, with high sound insulation performances and effective floor heating solution.

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The substrate was a concrete hollow-core slab which was primed with MD 16 and leveled with weber vetonit 110 Fine. Other floor accessories were used (4960, 4962 etc.) to achieve the best outcome. The weberfloor 4900 Comfort floor system, a system of acoustic EPS plates with integrated aluminium plate for high heath conductivity, was installed in all apartments. The floating screed on top of the comfort floor was the very fast setting and drying weber vetonit 120 Reno Saneeraus Plaano.

Type of floor:
Underlayments, floor heating, acoustic floor Type of building:
Residential building Total size of floor area:
20 000 m² Year of construction:
2015 Owner:
Private Investor Architect:
Arkkitehdit NRT Oy Contractor/Applicator:
Tasoite Ahonen Oy Weber product used:
- weber vetonit 120 Reno Saneeraus Plaano
- weberfloor 4945 Lasikuituverkko
- weberfloor 4940 Erotuskangas
- weberfloor 4960 Reunanauha
- weber vetonit MD 16 Dispersio
- weberfloor 4900 Comfort uralevy
- weberfloor 4901 Comfort kääntölevy
- weberfloor 4902 Comfort täyttö-ja askeläänilevy